Intelligent software tools to maximize value of your ad inventory

Thorough optimization, advanced forecasting and deep analytics drive effective monetization of your advertising business

30-40% - average reduction in amount
of campaign prolongation cases
15-20% - retention rate increase due
to better contract obligations fulfillment
700M number of default impressions
Guaranteed sales, an instant answer to the
question, how much required inventory
will be available

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solutions complement our clients' business growth?

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Accelerated delivery of advertising campaigns and fulfillment of agreements with advertisers
Realized, full potential of your inventory and expanded opportunity to sign much more advertising contracts
Deep-level forecasting spanning all types of targeting: audience segments, frequency capping as well as unique users
Improved advertising campaign results across all metrics: CTR, conversion, delivery, views, margin, profit, and others
Facilitated integration with any advertising server, DMP, CRM and other data sources. Data security guaranteed
Enhanced forecasting accuracy – 95%, query execution time – 3 seconds to 1 minute