Click Fraud: How Buyers can recognize that inventory is fraudulent

As you probably know, fraud has become a serious problem for digital advertising. According to some researches it accounts for up to 50% of media advertisement. Recently some players even have started offering money-back guarantees (more details here and here).

So I would like to share some rules which can help Advertisers (and others) to identify that 'something is going wrong'. Most of these rules are quite straight-forward and simple but our analytics and data scientists have been seeing a lot of examples based on such simple rules:

If you find one of these occurrences, it doesn't mean that your inventory is fraudulent - it is just a signal that you should pay attention to it. But if you find at least three of these happening then ...this should be a trigger for you to take action.

I hope this advice will help you save some money for your business.

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