Inventale forecasting

Inventale forecasting – fast and convenient media planning and advertising inventory availability evaluation system. Inventale forecasting allows avoiding traffic resale and guarantees advertisers delivery of ad campaigns on time. It’s a useful tool for sales managers and commercial directors

We recognize that before signing a new contract it is important to estimate whether or not you will be able to fulfill all obligations to the advertiser and deliver the advertising campaign in time. At the same time, the more precise the advertiser is in his/her requirements, the more types of targeting and auditory segments are involved, the more difficult it is to estimate necessary audience availability, especially taking into account other advertising campaigns launched in the network

Answers within a couple of seconds whether the advertising campaign with the necessary parameters will be delivered on time
Supports forecasting by audience segments, as well as all ad server’s targeting parameters, including geo, priority, frequency capping, and client user settings (keywords, search terms, etc.)
Provides transparency to understand how much inventory is available by any segment
Simulates several scenarios of a campaign launch and compares potential efficiency
Forecasts by all types of devices and helps to distribute inventory between different types of devices (web, mobile, SmartTV)
Allows new event introductions which can potentially influence website attendance — premieres, new projects, important news, etc. – and includes them in the forecast
In case of inventory shortage gives recommendations on necessary traffic purchase
Makes deep profitability analysis and recommendations to build upon remaining traffic packages