Inventale speaks on “RIF + CYB 2016”

This year RIF+CYB (Russian Internet Forum+Cyber Technologies) conference celebrates 20 years, and we think such event cannot be missed. If you’ll be there too, you will find us in “BigData. The Internet Genome” section on 14 April, where Inventale’s speaker will tell about our work experience with BigData and hidden opportunities for advertising platforms”.

Viewability – in the Search of the Silver Bullet

Viewability is a hot topic now and it’s rightfully so. It does bring a lot of logic for advertisers to pay only for those ads which were seen by potential client. And if we’d prioritize all activities which user can do on the site it’s pretty clear that from the advertisers perspective the most important is lead or action.

Inventale Takes the Floor on “e-Target 2016”

This year Inventale speaks again at the annual eTarget “Audience Management and Internet-marketing” conference which is taking place 30-31 March 2016.

Not All Viewability Providers Are Similar

Probably you know it! I also read it a lot of times that one of the problems for viewability is a different approach to measurement across different providers. But how significant can be this difference for some well-known brands? Even for providers which follow to all IAB standards and “3MS and MRC Viewable Ad Impression Guideline”.

Who Is interested in Fraud Detection? Officially – Everybody, but…

According to different studies, done both by independent analysts as well as such respectful organizations like IAB amount of fraudulent impressions, clicks or attribution can get up to 20-30% of all online ad inventory.

Inventale Develops a Tool for Ad Campaign Monitoring

Just imagine a situation when even after setting the highest priority for an ad campaign, being late, it ends with under-delivery. And this is preceded by long (but finally successful) negotiations with the client to loosen the campaign’s targeting parameters. However, nothing has worked. Sounds familiar?

Inventale and MaximaTelecom About Audience Monetization Nuances

All Moscow residents and guests have already got used to free Wi-Fi everywhere. Not long ago it also appeared in subway, aero-express trains and airports – and this happened thanks to MaximaTelecom.