Burt Intelligence at the AdMonsters Publisher Forum 2021

AdMonsters AdOps conference went so great that we just didn’t want to say goodbye. So this week, on November 7–10, the Burt Intelligence team went to San Diego, California, to yet again connect with our ad-tech peers and digital media people at AdMonsters Publisher Forum.

Same as last time, Burt sponsored the event, and Burt’s CRO Alex Calic went on stage to share his take on ad-tech trends and latest developments.

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Alex Calic, CRO, Burt Intelligence, and Lynne d Johnson, Senior Editor at AdMonsters, vibing. Source: Beeler.Tech, https://twitter.com/BeelerTech/status/1458154833920331779

Discussions expectedly revolved around implications of third-party cookies demise and privacy:

  • How to solve for identity in a holistic and compliant, effective way and not ruin the user experience.
  • When contextual ads are better than personalized.
  • What zero-party data is (the one user shared with you intentionally), and how to build trustful relationships with users, so they want to share data.
  • What challenges and promises CTV brings.
  • How to combine subscriptions and ad monetization, or even more interesting, how ad-monetized media can compete with subscription-based media.

Facing the need to stack identity tech, attendees brought up supply path optimization and evaluating tech partners in general, and the problem of data leakage and higher risk of running into malvertisers. Speaking of malvertisement: ads.txt needs good hygiene. Otherwise, a poorly filtered bulky list can even facilitate fraud and invalid traffic.

Another major theme was content and revenue. Great content leads to high revenue, nothing new here. What is often overlooked is the feedback loop – post-event reporting should inform your next steps. These insights chip in your strategic vision of a better product. And to utilize this data, a business should align its teams’ processes. It encourages teammates to expand their skillset and opens new career paths for them. That’s what makes building hybrid teams and hiring Chief Revenue Officers rightfully compelling.

What we really love about the Publisher Forum is that it cuts to the chase. Publishers and ad-tech providers share actual practices and use cases and engage the audience, turning sessions into masterclasses or brainstorming.

Though we might be a little biased as Burt Intelligence and Inventale solutions are purposed to detect and resolve issues in one’s ad network, we believe that proactively checking on each other to solve emerging issues together and learn from them should be the standard for day-to-day relationships between publishers and tech providers. 

Anyway, there’s a ton of stuff that just wouldn’t fit in this article, so we’ll wrap up here. Publisher Forum 2021 was insightful and fun as any other AdMonsters’ event. So we highly encourage you to pay a visit yourself next year!

Svetlana Petryanina
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