Inventale Partners with abcb to Grow Expansion into New Markets

Development entails growth. That’s why, last week, Inventale began cooperation with the abcb company, which will promote our products in Benelux from March 1st, and in the UK and Latin America from April 1st.

abcb provides sales and advisory services, acting as a sales department with worldwide coverage. The abcb founders are good friends of Inventale, well-known for previous projects. They are experts with more than 20 years’ experience in sales, finance, and management.

During their professional activities, they have formed an international network of sales partners and now enable access to the global market for small and medium-sized IT-companies. abcb focuses on services and software for the media, telecommunications, financial technologies, and e-commerce sectors, as well as promising technology startups.

Inventale offers software solutions for media planning. The platform comprises ad inventory availability and ad campaigns delivery forecasting, ad network monitoring, and yield management and optimization modules.

Svetlana Petryanina
Svetlana Petryanina

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