Burt Intelligence Acquires Inventale's Inventory Forecasting Management System

Inventale Platform will expand Burt Intelligence’s advanced ad analytics solutions with its AI-based media planning tools.

Inventale’s core mission has always been to empower publishers with tools to tackle industry challenges, unearth growth opportunities hidden in data, and regain control of ad monetization. For more than five years we have been advancing towards this goal along with Burt Intelligence, a company that shares our values and is trusted by major publishers in the US and Europe.

That is why we are so excited to announce that Burt Intelligence has acquired Inventale’s Inventory Forecasting Management System. We will complement Burt’s ad revenue reporting and insights platform with our AI ad inventory availability and campaign pacing forecasts, yield optimization, and our newest feature, ad inventory pricing recommendations, to offer publishers and brands powerful, intelligent, and comprehensive tools.

Burt Intelligence’s platform is indispensable to publishers in the highly fragmented ad industry. It turns data scattered across a publisher’s partner ecosystem into detailed, visualized, actionable insights on campaign performance, cross-platform advertiser statistics, and yield management which can be shared with colleagues and partners right away or scheduled into your inbox. It not only provides granular analytics tailored to specific business needs but also alerts about data discrepancies and suggests the most urgent issues to tackle.

We are pumped to see how Inventale will contribute to our shared goal of helping advertising professionals thrive in an ever-changing online advertising environment with our solutions and services.

Inventale’s forecasting models predict the performance of both planned and active ad campaigns with any custom targeting with over 90% accuracy. And our yield management tools provide actionable recommendations on inventory segmentation and pricing and sales model optimization. Inventale analyses first-party data only - the most reliable, accessible type of data - and does not rely on third-party identifiers, making it a solid and secure source of valuable insights.

Inventale’s Inventory Forecasting Management System has gained the trust of major media companies on the global market. And now we feel equally honoured to be acknowledged by our peers, especially when it is the leading international adtech company with clients worldwide. Burt Intelligence has a great product, unquestionable credibility, and an excellent team, and we believe that our partnership will start a new exciting chapter, full of new achievements and happy, successful clients.

Igor Minakov, founder and general manager of Inventale:

“We are excited to be onboard with Burt Intelligence and cannot wait for this new opportunity for our product to reach and empower more publishers across the world. We see great synergy with Burt’s vast experience in the advertising industry. Their deep analytical expertise and global footprint combined with our expertise in AI and ML, Burt’s proven and growing sales team, and the cherry on top - perfect culture match and the same ambitions. It’s like a marriage made in heaven.”

Carl Leskinen, co-founder and CEO of Burt Intelligence:

“Igor has been an integral part of the adtech world for over 15 years, and his background as a researcher with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence is further proof that what they have built at Inventale is special. The advertising landscape is rapidly changing with the disappearance of third-party cookies next year, and Inventale’s AI-driven simulation technology is the only future-proof forecasting solution in the market that will magnify our footprint in North America and to all corners of the world.”

About Burt Intelligence

Burt Intelligence provides revenue insights for publishers and brands to analyze and share their advertising data. Thousands of the most forward-thinking ad-operations, programmatic, and sales professionals use Burt Intelligence’s solutions to accelerate revenue growth, reduce customer churn, provide insight on better decision making, and address the current state of advertising campaigns in real-time.

For more information, please visit www.burt.ai.

About Inventale’s Inventory Forecasting Management System

Inventale’s Inventory Forecasting Management System provides intelligent software tools backed by long-term scientific developments in artificial intelligence to maximize the value of your ad inventory. Forecasting, monitoring and optimization, analysis and recommendations – all means to increase monetization of your advertising business. We are constantly researching the advertising market and developing new intellectual tools to drive its evolution.

For more information, please visit www.inventale.com.

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