Inventale Announces Launch of Custom Projects Department "Invenpro"

During their work experience, apart from implementing the platform for ad campaign planning and optimization, the Inventale team solved other business tasks of our clients and partners, often exceeding the field of online advertising. We are proud of such projects as:

  • Mobile application “virtual stylist”
  • Predicting movies’ and TV shows’ popularity at the Planning stage
  • Analysis of football matches and horse racing videos in near-real time to provide additional statistics and predictions
  • Several projects based on Big Data processing for segmenting and enriching offline user data for:

    • increasing audience coverage
    • targeted advertising
    • choosing the best location for organizing a business, and more.

    These projects have now developed into a product and are used successfully by many clients.

As the number of exciting projects based on artificial intelligence keeps growing, Inventale decided to allocate a separate team for such projects. You can learn more about this on our new website.

Anna Astakhova
Anna Astakhova
Business development

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