Inventale and Maxifier Launch Ad-Tech Platform

Inventale and Maxifier have released an integrated solution for ad campaign planning and optimisation for a major European media company.

The client company offers content on the web, mobile, and streaming platforms to about 10 million users. The new platform will be one of their core tools for managing a cross-platform ad network, delivering one and a half billion impressions per month.

Inventale and Maxifier have been close partners for several years. Together we develop solutions serving publishers and brands, from ad campaign planning through optimisation, with extensive and transparent reporting.

In addition to delivering integrated solutions, our joint portfolio includes a variety of custom projects, amongst others, a fraud detection system, a video tagging application for a Canadian media conglomerate, and an ad block bypassing system for a leading American publisher.

Inventale offers software solutions for media planning. The platform comprises ad inventory availability and ad campaign delivery forecasting, ad network monitoring, yield management, and optimisation modules.

The Maxifier platform is designed for media companies, agencies, and brands. It actively optimises the ad campaign performance with the help of machine learning algorithms and also increases the advertising business transparency with an extensive reporting system.

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