BURT Forecasting Boosts STR for Narrowly Targeted Campaigns by One Third

  • The client company
    a leading British publisher
  • Prevalent TV content
  • Audience
    on mobile, desktop, SmartTV
  • 5.5 billion
    impressions per month


The client’s ad platform combined the advantages of traditional TV and online media: a broad audience, personalised content, capabilities for targeting ad campaigns to narrow segments and unique users.

However, narrow targeting had its downside: up to half of the campaigns were not delivered on time. The website had to buy inventory from partners every month, despite the high volume of its own available inventory, so as not to let the advertisers down.

Such measures allowed them to solve the problem in the short term, but the issue kept reoccurring. BURT Forecasting eliminated the root cause of their ad campaigns’ underdelivery.

The Client’s Goals

  1. Increase STR
  2. Reduce the number of delayed ad campaigns
  3. Increase the revenue


For a successful ad campaign delivery, it is essential to know not only the volume of available inventory but also the number of unique users for each targeting parameter.


    In the first month after applying the BURT Forecasting platform’s recommendations

    • STR has increased from 57% to 84%

    • The share of prolonged campaigns has decreased by 64%

    • The revenue has increased by 14%

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