React to potential risks before they turn into real problems

Ad Network Monitoring not only gives the full picture of the current situation but also a forecast if the ad campaigns are delivered on-time

Full Control Over the Current and Future Situations

Ad Network Monitoring shows the full picture on delivery across the whole ad network and enables quick filtering of the underperforming campaigns. You get not only information on the current ad campaign status but also a forecast on its future delivery. Thus, in case of potential problems you can react immediately and make changes in the ad campaign settings.

Proactive Analysis
7 days leftForecastDeliveredPlan14 days have passedFactTodayDelivered 87%1388kLeft 13%212kForecastSituation by the end date if no corrections are made59% Delivered938k23% Lag from the plan152kNow1600k — Goal

The system warns about the risk of impressions under-delivery. And you decide what to do: change the campaign settings or prolong the delivery dates

The dynamics are neutral: there is a slight under-delivery, but the gap will not grow

Campaign under-performance for the last couple of days is a part of its natural weekly cycle – there is nothing to worry about

Delivery forecast is positive

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Productive current status can be deceptive

An ad campaign actively gaining traffic now can be delayed in the future

All Data in One Screen

Ad Network Monitoring collects data from any source, aggregates it and prepares it for analysis. The system enables easy filtering of all the interested campaigns and organising their detailed analysis with a download of results into an Excel spreadsheet.

Quick and Handy Filters

Ending in

1 — 8 days

Date range of 1 — 8 days is an example.

You can edit it in our system.

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delivery14%153k delivered, 802k under-deliveredfulfilled10%[T−4] - [T+6] — ending in 6 daysOscardelivery87%938k delivered, 152k under-deliveredfulfilled74%[T−14] - [T+7] — ending in 7 daysDeltadelivery79%257k delivered, 19k under-deliveredfulfilled93%[T−7] - [T+5] — ending in 5 daysSierraForecast for the End DateCurrent StatusDelivered YesterdayAd CampaignDelivery DatesAd Campaigns delivery100%145k delivered, 22k under-deliveredfulfilled97%[T−13] - [T+7] — ending in 7 daysItem

Ad Network
Monitoring Adds

A Large Number of Ad Campaigns, Difficult to Monitor

  • A situation when ad campaigns do not deliver on time happens often
  • Lack of a single control point for the monitoring of both real-time and future conditions
  • Large volumes of ad campaigns. High competition for inventory between them

Difficulties in data collection and analysis

  • Ad server reports do not cover cases with ad campaign’s complex or narrow targeting parameters, which makes analysis challenging
  • Traffic managers spend several hours per day for collecting and processing data to evaluate ad campaigns future delivery
  • Delivery is challenging to plan manually due to external factors: traffic fluctuations, an influence of holidays and weekly/seasonal factors

A lack of single picture of inventory sell-out

  • Without a single view of booked ad inventory, its sales are chaotic, and the delivery is unbalanced. Resulting challenges consume the lion's share of traffic managers’ time and attention

Qualitative research of

Inclusion of constraints and competition

  • Ad server delivery logic simulation with consideration for both - running and booked ad campaigns. Addition of frequency capping into ad campaigns delivery forecast

Seasonal coefficients application

  • Automatic adjustment of network profile with the inclusion of seasonality, holidays, weekly and monthly traffic fluctuations, individual characteristics of each website and webpage

External events inclusion

  • Adding one-time and repeated external events to the forecast (promo, premiers, political events, etc.)

Anomalies marking

  • Automatic search for one-time traffic spikes in order not to reflect them in the forecast


  • Ad Network Monitoring not only reflects the current ad network status but also shows its delivery in dynamics. This allows the settings of the ad campaign with a negative forecast or its competitors to be adjusted for mutual benefit.

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