Control ad inventory revenue, maximize profit from each impression

The system identifies network problem areas and gives recommendations on how to improve the situation

Evaluation of ad inventory sell-out both - in the past and the future

Sales Plan Monitoring shows a picture on sell-out, the volume of available inventory, the fulfillment of the sales plan for the whole network and separate packages.

Easy product
other custom parameters

No matter how the packages are formed: by website, by topic, by geo, by key value or other parameters - the system supports any division and will show revenue, CPM, lost, available and planned impressions, dynamics and other indicators for each one.

In case of any risk of failure, the system will immediately notify the user about it and advise how much, where and by what price one is to sell to fulfill the sales plan.

Problem notification and pricing recommendations
The Plan Is DelayedPlanned$238 KEarned$393 KPlan$1.22 МRecommended CPM for the remnant inventory for guaran- teed plan fulfillment by the end of the month$4,9In case if the remnant inventory is sold by the current price, lag from the plan will be $212 000$3,6Available204МLost392МPlanned120МDelivered Impressions199М
The package card shows if the plan is being executed and what one should do for this

Show plan fulfillment
by each package

Recommend prices for new deals

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Analytics and recommendations on how to fulfill the plan

Trends monitoring

The system will show metrics’ dynamics for any period including a forecast for the future - all necessary for effective media-planning. Any trends are easily seen on the graphs, and you just check for the underlying reasons.

Analytics on the whole network and by packages
ForecastPlannedAvailableDeliveredLostFactTodayImpressions This Month
Impressions and revenue graph shows a descending trend. Conclusion: to improve the situation either more active sales efforts of this package or packages reorganization are necessary.

Yield Reporting gives detailed reports on ad inventory revenue by monetization channels and time interval slices. These reports are made both for the entire network and its separate parts (packages, websites, ad formats). As a result, you get all the data for effective media-planning.

Analytics and tools for successful media-planning

The report will give a coherent picture on ad inventory occupation: will show capacity, occupation and availability in the past as well as trends and future - all in one dashboard. So it will be easy to compare forecasted figures again past periods.

of the past
and future

Yield Management gives a response for any slice by total and detailed values. If the total values show low revenue - you can always dive into details and identify the underlying reasons.

Packages Structure and Pricing Analysis

Compare packages sell-out and identify the most valuable inventory. Adjust packages structure and prices - the system will give recommendations on advantageous changes. Yield Management will help the sales team to calculate the optimal CPM basing on the past sales experience and demand. It will show how many impressions and by what price one should sell to fulfill the sales plan.

Calculation of
optimal CPM for
direct deals

The Platform also works with auction sales. It will help to evaluate the work of monetizing mechanisms on your inventory segments, balance the waterfall, price floors and sell-out so that as a result, you get the maximum revenue.

of price floors for auctions
100%75%50%25%0% Sold outPackage PriceCheaperMore ExpensiveAuto 240 × 400Sports 240 × 400240 × 400BillboardTwo new packages have been singled out of «240 × 400» one with higher prices setRevenue: $1400New product model 240 × 400BillboardAfter raising the price the package sell-out has decreased, however, the total revenue has grownRevenue: $1080New pricing model240 × 400BillboardRevenue: $980InitialPackages

Four Components of Successful Yield Management

Right Time

  • Inventory sell-out picture will always be at hand. Yield Management will enable you to find pieces with high and low sell-out and modify deals’ parameters to achieve even inventory distribution, avoid over-selling and reach maximum STR.

Right Customer

  • Find the right balance between different sales channels through optimisation of their call-out order and priority. Yield Management optimisation algorithms allow ranging the existing sales channels according to the revenue, average CPM, sell-out percentage, losses percentage, thus helping to achieve maximum revenue out of the external monetisation.

Right Price

  • Yield Management price optimisation algorithms are equally useful for direct sales and RTB-auction. Analysing sell-out, basic prices of sales products, supplementary charges, discounts, we give recommendations on pricing model optimisation. In case of auction model, Inventale algorithms can forecast maximum bids of external monetising algorithms depending on each impression targeting parameters and provide recommendations on price floors changes. As a result purchase average CPM grows together with total revenue.

Right Solution

  • Yield Management allows one to easily find the inventory with stable high sell-out across the entire network. You can then single out this inventory into separate sales products, adjust your sales strategy and as a result - get more revenue.


  • Revenue increase

    12,5% per year — average eCPM increase by direct deals for all our clients, using Yield Management and applying recommended product and pricing models.

  • 10% — revenue increase in the first month of auction model and price floor optimisation.

  • More thorough inventory utilisation

    Get more revenue from your current inventory by adjusting packages as the system recommends. Inventory STR raises 5-7% per year on average.

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