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Forecast available inventory and audience at the stage of ad campaign planning to avoid overbooking and under-delivery. Make long-term forecasts when shaping the yearly advertising budget

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Monitor ad network delivery and get forecasts on each ad campaign delivery by the end date. Keep an eye on ad campaigns delivery across the network with each campaign delivery forecast and risk indicators. Handy filters allow one to find the required campaigns quickly

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Get analytics on revenue, delivery, and CPM. Analyse the effectiveness of sales, risks of latency and get recommendations on increasing revenue and improving sales performance

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Ad Inventory Forecasting

Campaign Settings — Example 1

Jan 15th – Feb 15th Sports Clubs, Men aged 25-45 Programs > Sport Series > Sport Films > Sport New York, Massachusetts

Forecast By

Available Occupied by other campaignsReach meeting the targeting criteria Unique Users Total698 kReach with account of competing campaignsUnique Users Available260 k

Ad Campaigns On-Time Delivery

Forecast your audience at the stage of contract signing. This will allow avoiding penalties, and your clients will always be happy

Full Usage of Your Ad Inventory

Adjust audience and inventory distribution and launch more ad campaigns

Optimisation of Ad Sales Team Work

The system will save time for other tasks, like the search for new customers, customer service, ad campaign optimisation, etc.

Revenue Increase

A better understanding of your ad inventory value. Selling the most valuable inventory packages to the most interested clients for optimal prices. Most favourable monetisation of the sales products falling behind

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Ad Network Monitoring

Full Picture of the Ad Network

Ad Network Monitoring gives analytics of the entire network and shows if the actual delivery agrees with the plan. Warns of any risks and deviations from the plan. Handy filters allow quick filtering of necessary campaigns

Delivery Forecast to the End Date

The current status can be elusive: an ad campaign actively gaining traffic now can under-deliver by the end date. The system will show you such campaigns

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Ending in

1 — 8 days

Date range of 1 — 8 days is an example.

You can edit it in our system.

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delivery14%153k delivered, 802k under-deliveredfulfilled10%[T−4] - [T+6] — ending in 6 daysOscardelivery87%938k delivered, 152k under-deliveredfulfilled74%[T−14] - [T+7] — ending in 7 daysDeltadelivery79%257k delivered, 19k under-deliveredfulfilled93%[T−7] - [T+5] — ending in 5 daysSierraForecast for the End DateCurrent StatusDelivered YesterdayAd CampaignDelivery DatesAd Campaigns
delivery100%145k delivered, 22k under-deliveredfulfilled97%[T−13] - [T+7] — ending in 7 daysItem
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All ad campaigns on one screen – a full picture of the whole ad network

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Detailed analysis of ad campaigns delivery process to identify problem areas

Detailed analysis of ad campaigns delivery process to identify problem areas

7 days leftForecastDeliveredPlan13 days have passedFactTodayDelivered 100%250kLeft0ForecastSituation by the end date if no corrections are made58% Delivered145k9% Lag from the plan22kNow250k — Goal

Yield Management

Analytics on Revenue

The system gives a full picture of revenue, STR, eCPM and RPM dynamics sliced by sales channels, as well as facilities for investigating the effectiveness of the current pricing model

Recommendations on Bids- and Sales Channels Optimisation

Apart from analytics, Yield Management gives recommendations on more effective inventory usage: optimal CPM for future deals, proposals on balancing the pricing model, changes in packages structure to maximise yield and others

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ForecastPlannedFreeDeliveredLostFactTodayImpressions Utilised34%Free204МLost392МExpected This Month915МPlanned120МDelivered Imps199МGained$445000Plan$1380000To fulfill the planneededCPM4,8Average CPM for all the ads deliveredcurrentCPM3,5Revenue Data for <current month>

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