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BURT Forecasting will forecast delivery of any ad campaign in several seconds

Does the forecast show ad inventory shortage? Adjust campaign parameters together with your client in such a way that it will deliver successfully
  • All Data in One Place

    BURT Forecasting will collect data from all your ad servers, DMP, SSP, CRM and any other sources. Your Ad Sales Team will know how much of your ad inventory is available for any time.

    Ad campaigns
    are delivered
    on time
  • Accurate Forecast by Any Targeting Parameter

    The solution works with any targeting parameters:

    • Custom – keywords and other;
    • All ad server targeting parameters, including geo, priority, frequency capping;
    • Inventory distribution by platforms, sales channels or any inventory slices.
    2-10 sec
    average time of forecast request processing
  • All factors are considered:

    The system will include all planned and running ad campaigns, seasonal, weekly and other statistical fluctuations. It will also adjust the forecast by expected events, input by you (premiers, political and sports events, the launch of new projects, etc.)

    All campaigns are included: both booked and running

The forecast will show how many impressions and unique users are available for the ad campaign.
Change campaign settings, play and compare different scenarios, choose the best-targeted audience together with the client. Guarantee on-time delivery.

forecast accuracy

Revenue Increase

  • More contracts with advertisers

    Due to the full usage
    of your ad inventory

  • On-time ad campaigns delivery

    A guarantee of contract obligations fulfillment

  • An exact understanding of the volume of available inventory

    By any inventory slice

If the required audience is occupied, choose another reliably available together with your client

Campaigns are delivered steadily and with minimal competition. All obligations are fulfilled, and happy customers keep coming back with new deals

Increase in all ad campaign parameters: CTR, conversion, delivery, viewability, margin, revenue and others

Forecasting Adds

Unbalanced Inventory Utilisation

  • There is some unsold inventory which is difficult to identify
  • Part of your inventory is frequently oversold
  • There are difficulties with ad campaigns’ delivery, and your advertisers are not happy

Inventory Planning Takes Lots of Time, Yet with Poor Results

  • Including all the necessary parameters when planning an ad campaign is not possible
  • Situations, when you urgently have to answer questions about the available inventory with specific targeting parameters happen more and more often

Tedious Planning via Excel

  • You have to manually recalculate forecasts when new events happen (traffic spikes in case of some sports events or political news, usage of additional inventory from partner sites, etc.)

Difficulties in Putting All Data Together

  • The sales team is two or more people, and it becomes difficult to synchronize their work
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BURT Forecasting

Google Ad Manager

BURT Forecasting gives stably accurate forecasts even by the most narrow and specific targeting parameters

Google Ad Manager is only useful for high-level forecasting. The more complex and narrow the targeting is - the lower the quality of its forecast is


  • On-time delivery leads to a reduced number of penalties for under-delivered campaigns, retention-rate increase, and as a result – more revenue
  • Sell-Through Rate increase. An ability to sell more ads on the same inventory will allow the user to attract more advertisers
  • Reduced number of default impressions will allow the user to create a more billable inventory
  • Increase in revenue due to selling your inventory to the most valuable clients for higher prices
  • More efficient work of the sales team that will be able to focus on other tasks (like the search for new customers, customer service or ad campaign optimization)

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