“We’ve bonded so tightly that it is difficult to imagine otherwise.“

IVI has shared their experience of working with the Inventale platform

The primary OTT value for the viewer is the ability to legally watch whatever and whenever they want and purchase content conveniently. It is the knowledge the streaming service IVI successfully applies in business. IVI has the richest collection of movies, series, and cartoons in Russia and more than 50 million unique users every month.

The company is continuously improving its recommendation algorithms and expanding its content library. As for payment flexibility, it is ensured by three monetisation options: a subscription model, one-time fee and an advertising model. Inventale tools help IVI plan ad inventory.

Media planning is crucial for such a platform as IVI:

  1. The content variety attracts a no less diverse audience in terms of interests, demographics, incomes, and professions. IVI helps every viewer find content to their liking, and the same applies to advertisements - they must be relevant to the user.
  2. As marketers also aim at specific audiences, they often narrow their ad campaigns’ targeting. It makes the traffic volume estimation much trickier since it is impossible to manually calculate the exact amount of available inventory for several overlapping targeting parameters.
  3. The volume of the online cinema inventory fluctuates greatly. Has a new series season aired or rain been pouring for the entire weekend - an influx of users is to follow. Such traffic spikes must be taken into account beforehand, and unforeseeable ones should be swiftly detected.

To secure the fulfilment of every contract’s obligations on time, one needs not only to estimate the available inventory capacity but to do daily forecasts, taking into account omnichannel, genres, geo, running ad campaigns and booked inventory volume, etc. Inventale Forecasting takes over this very task.

“The interface of the system, as well as the tool itself, was developed, reflecting our constant feedback. It fully meets our needs, and we have bonded so tightly with it that it would be difficult to imagine otherwise.”

Victoria Ignatieva, IVI’s Director of Advertising Analytics

Our system analyses traffic and calculates the volume of available inventory for a specified inventory slice in a given period. Based on this data, IVI sales managers form media plans that maximise the use of available inventory:

  • Managers have an up-to-date campaign delivery forecast ready at hand as early as upon signing the contract. Knowing the forecast results, they make sure there is enough traffic for all deals and adjust campaign’s settings so that it is certain to deliver on time.
  • The system considers traffic spikes: IVI specialists can manually enter data on expected spikes into the system while algorithms detect one-time surges and smooth out their impact on the forecast. So there is no need to reserve a part of the inventory in case of underdelivery.
  • The audience of the cinema is steadily growing and so does the inventory volume. With Inventale Forecasting, managers find undersold segments and make sure they don’t go idle.
  • Sales executives evaluate the performance of the distribution channels, and service as a whole: the plan implementation rate, the pacing of ad delivery, the average CPM dynamics. Thus they can promptly decide which products’ promotion to prioritise.

“We see an ongoing improvement of the platform. Each update simplifies our specialists’ work and makes business processes more efficient.

For example, the geo-database has been elaborated, with uniform toponyms in Russian. This allows us to set geo-targets in just two clicks, without pre-processing of the brief or manual data input.

Presets and requests history are incredibly convenient to use. Such straightforward yet functional solutions help to reduce the routine work of our specialists and significantly increase the accuracy of calculations.“

Victoria Ignatieva, IVI’s Director of Advertising Analytics

Planning inventory based on Inventale’s forecasts, IVI can guarantee marketers that their contracts will be fulfilled as agreed. Managers attain maximum sell-out, and therefore maximum revenue. More than 95% of ad campaigns are consistently delivered on time. Advertisers keep returning with new deals.

“We are delighted to work with a partner who shares our values and strives to improve the user experience. At IVI, we are also constantly strengthening product and content offerings, improving the recommendation system and the search algorithm so that our viewers can quickly select the desired film from the largest content library on the Russian market.”

Victoria Ignatieva, IVI’s Director of Advertising Analytics

Partnership with a market leader is a responsibility, and we are committed to making the Inventale platform more reliable, more accurate, and more user-friendly. All the more valuable is the dialogue that we have built with the IVI team during the past five years. Our collaboration helps Inventale Forecasting to be not only a good but indispensable media planning tool.

Svetlana Petryanina
Svetlana Petryanina
Varvara Chumak
Varvara Chumak
Lead Business Analyst

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