Not All Viewability Providers Are Similar

Probably you know it! I also read it a lot of times that one of the problems for viewability is a different approach to measurement across different providers.

But how significant can be this difference for some well-known brands? Even for providers which follow to all IAB standards and “3MS and MRC Viewable Ad Impression Guidelines”.

Some of our customers ask us provide optimization based on viewability metric but some of them use several providers at the same time. Which one is more accurate and better to use for optimization?

Recently we did some internal analysis based on 2 well know vendors from “MRC Accredited Viewable Impression and/or Ad Verification Vendors” list. I don’t put their names here specially to avoid offending or advertising them.

We analyzed viewability for about 50m impressions and result surprised me a bit: only 29% cases have approximately similar (-/+10%) viewability rate between those 2 providers. And for more than 45% of cases vendors provides completely different results!

So if you accept it for your data you should be ready that viewability optimization based on one vendor’s data can significant harm results by other vendor’s data.

You can ask me: “who is the best vendor?”

Unfortunately I don’t know – because each business case is unique…so you should choose it yourself. Or at least try to use the same that your Advertisers.

Simon Volman
Simon Volman
Chief Technology Officer

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