Ad Network Monitoring Reduces the Number of Unfulfilled Contracts by 70%

  • The client company
    one of the East-European media industry leaders
  • 10 years
    on the market
  • 5000 ad campaigns
    or more than 10 billion impressions per month


As one of the largest ad platforms, the client has always devoted considerable attention to fulfilling their partnership obligations. A dedicated Traffic Management Team took care of each ad campaign on-time delivery. However, at some point, all their efforts became ineffective.

Every day, traffic managers would upload the ad server reports, manually calculate the ad campaign delivery percentage, and adjust the settings of lagging campaigns. Over time, the advertising business had grown successfully, and it was big data already that managers were still analysing in Excel. Monitoring each separate ad campaign was no longer feasible; a sizeable proportion of the campaigns regularly lagged behind the plan. It became apparent that business processes had to be changed.

The client faced the question: what tool would return control over the situation? Their choice fell on Ad Network Monitoring.

The Client’s Goals

  1. Automate data collection and processing
  2. Ensure timely ad campaign delivery
  3. Increase advertisers’ loyalty
  4. Prepare the technical base for scaling the advertising business


We set up a forecasting system, which automated

  • Data collection
  • Ad campaign delivery forecasting, taking into account live and booked campaigns, settings of competing campaigns, seasonality and trends
  • Forecasting by unique users for each ad campaign
  • Fast filtering of delayed ad campaigns

thus ensuring timely ad campaign delivery.

Traffic managers used to spend several hours a day collecting and analysing data. Now, in a couple of clicks, they can receive relevant and accurate reports on the current and future delivery and filter out ad campaigns that require attention.


  • The raw data processing time has reduced to zero. Traffickers can concentrate on other priorities

  • The system proactively alerts traffic managers to potential problems

  • STR and the revenue grew by 5%

  • Searching for problematic campaigns has become automated

  • The number of delayed ad campaigns decreased by 2.5 times

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